​Location: Screenings and Assessments can be done at the Assessors home in a private and confidential setting, that is naturally lit and free from any distractions.  Alternatively, if the client would prefer to have this completed at another location, then please get in touch. Based in the Ramsbottom, Bury area, with easy access from the M66 motorway and within easy reach of Bolton, Manchester and surrounding areas across the North West.

Masters in Specific Learning Difficulties (MA SpLD): 

MMU Level 7 Post Grad Certificate and Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties with AMBDA and PATOSS, APC & TPC: MMU
Post Grad Certificate in Education (PGCE): Bolton University Irlen Screener Certificate: Irlen North West

Karen Pollard Rylance Teacher and Tutor Bury


01706 827448

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There are several process stages in place to determine requirements for each individual client. This is done through assessment using various methods to help understand what level of 'learning difference' there may be present. Feedback is given around 1 week after the assessment takes place. 

Diagnostic Assessments are carried out on all clients irrespective of age, as assessment tests/tools are chosen to meet the exacting needs and age of the client.  Full diagnostic assessments for school, college and employment are conducted and DSA assessments for University/Higher Education are undertaken and feedback is given within one week of the assessment taking place.

Screening is very important in order to determine if a specific learning difference is present. If no screening has previously taken place but the client feels that a specific learning difference such as dyslexia is likely, a full screening is taken using the 'Dyslexia Adult Screening Tool' (DAST) and the Dyslexia Screening Tool (DST) for younger clients.  This will determine a risk factor and whether a full assessment is required or not.

For all ages from Children to Adults

SpLD Dyslexia Assessor & Specialist Teacher AMBDA PATOSS IF6114

​Ramsbottom, Bury, Manchester

​Consultancy, Specialist Assessment, Advice & Teaching Dyslexia, DCD/Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, ASD, ADD, ADHD, Irlen - AMBDA, ADSHE and PATOSS registration/professional status: PATOSS IF6114

For all detailed costs relating to screening and assessment, please use the contact form below to send your enquiry.

Screening for Learning Difference

Karen Pollard-Rylance Dyslexia Tutor

Karen Pollard-Rylance

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Screening and Assessment Costs

There are different tools used to assess both children and adults to identify learning difference.

Telephone Karen directly on 01706 827448 or mobile 0759 292 6875

​A full and comprehensive report is written after the assessments have taken place, detailing the findings which are also supported by recommendations as to the next steps to take. This can be in the form of identifying appropriate interventions for further study, employment and exam 'Access Arrangements'. The Diagnostic Report is written for the client and it is the client's choice to share it with third parties.  
It is recommended that the client does not send any original copies to schools, colleges, universities or employers.

Fully written Diagnostic Reports after Assessment

Assessment Process

Qualified Tutor

Report Writing and Recommendations
Dyslexia Assessment

A qualified and experienced teacher and tutor qualified in assessing all ages for learning differences, offering a service that includes a full and detailed report, with recommendations as to the next steps to take.

​​Karen Pollard-Rylance is a qualified teacher since 1998, having worked in Further and Higher Education, currently specialising in Additional Assessment and Learning Support for those with Dyslexia. Working with a range of diverse learning needs and ages, from primary children to adults, based in the Ramsbottom Bury area. If you or your child need an expert qualified tutor to give advice about learning or dyslexia, please get in touch for an assessment.