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Roof tiles replaced and re-sealed

Sandybrook Builders are your local roofers in Bury. Here is a recently completed job on Holcombe Lee in Ramsbottom, where the roof tiles were replaced due to their age and condition. A new roof will last a lot longer as materials and technology has improved since the original house was built.

All images of Roofing Projects are a sample of actual customer jobs completed in the Bury, Ramsbottom areas.

Newly fitted garage roof

This roof has no felt, so we are stripping it and applying new breathable felt, adding new treated battens.

New Roof and Full Re-fit including Timber Joists

Saltes removed from Roof

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Most home owners wait until it is too late or when they have a leak in the roof. Damage by rain and frost can significantly add to the cost of roof repairs and it is always advised to get it checked by having a free survey. Once the initial tiles or slates have been removed, the condition of the joists can be better inspected. Slates can usually be reused, so the majority of expense is generally taken by the labour cost need to do the work.

Local Roofers in Bury

House with Sandybrook Builders logo
Slate Roof completed in Ramsbottom

Lead Flashing and Chimney Pointing

Whether it is the roof on your house or the one on your garage, we can repair or replace.

Our aim is to give competitive quotes for quality workmanship

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We can offer our customers a wide variety of choices and materials to cover any outside buildings including garages. The images show a complete refurb for a free standing garage, where a new timber apex roof was constructed. In fact, for adding light into your loft space we can provide options to have a skylight window fitted. Our experience and knowledge in creating these options, can enhance the look and appearance and it doesn't have to cost a great deal.

Replacing Roof Joists Battens and Felt underlay

Completed Slate Roof in Bury

Slates replaced and roof made waterproof

Sandybrook Builders, Elton, Bury

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For general enquiries about having a roofing quote, please use the Email form on this page. Please also include a brief comment about the work you are looking to have carried out. If you require a phone call, please include a daytime contact number. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

‚ÄčAs we are also local builders, we can quote for major projects, such as a new roof and full re-fit including timber joists. We use local suppliers and aim to keep major expense down to a minimum; whilst still using the highest quality materials available. As a local family business, our good name and reputation is what also saves on advertising our services, therefore keeping our quotes competitive. 

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Garage Roof Replaced and Tiled
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Most roofs in the Bury and Manchester area are generally constructed using tiles or slates. One thing that is a common cause of roof damage, are the seals between these where they meet the brickwork of the building. For a longer lasting remedy to sealing and keeping out the wind and rain, we ensure all exposed areas are properly covered using lead flashing and that chimney stack pointing is done to keep moisture out. We also fit fascias and soffits to roofline areas, including garages.

New Tiles on Roof and underlay

If you are in need of Emergency repairs due to storm damage or other related problems, please feel free to give us a call on the number below. We are local in Bury and can usually come round on the same day to see you.

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New Garage roof with Fascias and Soffits

All Types of Roofing including Garages

New build garage
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New Roof Joists