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Most of us will probably never see the top of our home, and probably a good idea too. The most common cause of accidents according to statistics from the Health and Safety Executive are from Slips, Trips and Falls. 

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If you have recently had work done on your roof, either by someone gaining access to fit an aerial or to do some pointing to a chimney, they may have damaged the waterproof membrane that lies beneath the roof slates. In other cases, it may be just a small hole, that has been affected by strong rain or frost and ice damage. In this case, the fault needs to be located and fixed quickly to prevent further problems, to prevent further water leaking through your ceilings.

Full re-roofing of a slate roof and replacing a waterproof membrane

Always get a detailed report after a roof inspection. If you are having a complete re-roof and are looking to compare quotes from other companies, we are happy to introduce you to previously completed jobs in the local area. In fact, here's one that we think you may recognise.

Slate roof being repaired with new membrane

The first time you'll realise you have a problem with a loose slate or damage to a roof, is when it rains. Which due to the local climate in North Manchester, can be around 110 inches a year. In the Bury and Ramsbottom area, many homes have 'Welsh Slate' as a covering to keep out the rain. It's been used for 100's of years and is an effective deterrent to the elements, including frost and snow. There are many different grades and types of slate, some with a green or purple colouring due the the level of elements contained. The main property of slate is that it has a low water and moisture absorption level, making it virtually waterproof.

A simple roof repair or something major?

Over half of all reported incidents in 2013/14 by the Roofing industry, were due to this. These statistics are from companies whose profession it is to deal with repairs and roofing matters. Don''t go on the roof, or even a ladder, leave it to the professionals!

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Roofers for Slate Roofs in Ramsbottom and Bury

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This webpage will soon include more info about other types of roofing repair work. We offer an All Trades Service so be sure to have a look at our webpage to learn more about us. All the images used on the website are original and from the companies featuring on the website. Copyright 2016-2017.

Cissy Greens Pie Shop in Haslingden Roofing work
Slate roof repair
Full re-roof project for Welsh slate roof
Slate roof repair in Ramsbottom

Roofing Job at the bottom of Peel Brow in Ramsbottom

Usually most people don't need to call a roofing repair company until it's usually to late. That's when roof repairs can become expensive and lead to further damage throughout the home. As properties become older and the weather too takes its toll, it's a good idea to get some free advice from a professional company.

Punch Roof Repair in Ramsbottom

Do you have a leak?

A Leaking roof needs to be checked and fixed

​Punch Roofing also deal with Facias, Soffits and any other Roofline and Rainwater guttering. 

A leaking roof (see image), was found to have a poorly fitted waterproof membrane, in most cases, older homes will have used bitumen membrane, which over time, will become less effective to prevent water.

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Visit the webpage below for a local roofing specialist on Bury info, based in Ramsbottom, they are an experienced roofing company working with traditional slate roofs, where you can read more about their recent projects.

Traditional Welsh Slate roof

Over half of all Roofing Accidents are from Slips, Trips and Falls

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Punch Roofing Repair in Ramsbottom and Bury for Soffits, Facias and Slates.

​​In terms of preventing further expense and cost to the house-holder or future owners, a complete re-roofing might actually add value to your home. It'll certainly give you peace of mind when winter arrives. The main cost is the membrane and labour, as most of the slates can be used again. After all, they're around 500 million years old. Care must be taken when removing the slates to prevent damage, where they can be re-installed again once the protective covering is put in place.

As a local company with a strong workforce across the East Lancs region and North Manchester, we are called upon more often to do jobs in an around the towns and villages surrounding Ramsbottom. In fact, here are working at one local landmark at the end of January 2017, the Famous 'Cissy Greens Pie Shop' in Haslingden, Rossendale. Lunchtimes will never be the same. You should try their Growlers. Lovely place, lovely people.