A 2 Word message for your Local Ramsbottom Business

The Punch Property are a local ALL TRADES company based in Ramsbottom.

Anyone who was recently caught up in the December 2015 Floods, will remember the damage caused to the Waterside Inn and the bridge over the River Irwell. Punch Property were called in to repair and re-build the damage caused by the severe floods. This was a major scale insurance project requiring specialist skilled personnel.

Businesses featuring on the website can be assured of one thing, it'll be 100% mobile friendly. That means more people who are searching on mobile devices will find your business. Why? Because this is a generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) with one Keyword, 'Ramsbottom'. If you search 

Ps This particular link has been taken already, but if you want to set one up for your own business, get in touch. These are to use when posting on Social Media. 

If you know of any local business who need to get their business Online, we're helping them to promote their businesses better to local people. Hyperlocal in fact!. Check out the link below in the image. These are very unique and set businesses apart on Facebook and Twitter posts.

There is an immense sense of community spirit in Ramsbottom, whether they're organising Black Pudding contests (they throw them) .. or Music festivals and Duck Racing (well worth a visit), you can always be met with a warm Northern welcome from the local residents. Oh, and they have a full sized train set too! 

In a recent survey by Google, people who searched on mobile for local businesses, were more likely to visit that business within the next 2 days. All the webpages on the info domains are 100% Mobile Friendly. 

Get your Business a Ramsbottom Website Address

NOTE: If you'd like to learn more about getting your own website page on any one of the local domains, please send us a brief message via the contact form at the top of this page. It costs a lot less than you think.

Here's a local business in Ramsbottom

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We're going to be putting Ramsbottom businesses Online in a very different way. We'll be launching the Ramsbottom domain with its own site very soon, where each of the businesses featured, will have their very own webpage, with full details about what products and services they offer and how to get in touch. Plus, the website will be mobile friendly, which is handy as most people these days are searching for local businesses using their smartphones. Read further to see what other features are available in the examples below.

All the local info websites are the names of towns and areas. There are over 60 for the whole of the North West, from Tottington to Darwen and out to Liverpool and across to the Fylde coast. Each one is different, as they are only for local businesses. In fact, by local we mean within a 5 mile radius. For Ramsbottom, we've done something a little different as we know most of the businesses are already using things like social media to promote their products and services. We've given each one their own special website address. This is a 2 word message, that tells people what they do, and where they are. It can also be the name of the company or even the product or service they provide. Here's an example for a local Joiner in Ramsbottom.

Carlo Picasso Decorators Ramsbottom

Ramsbottom Local businesses

Local Joiner in Ramsbottom

Here's one local business that is currently featured on the website. It's Barnstead's Joinery and you can learn about them more by visiting their website page here. There's even a contact form so you send an email if you wish to make a general enquiry. These are local trades people based in Ramsbottom (aka Rammy).

Is your Ramsbottom business Mobile Friendly?

Mobile friendly view on smartphone
Bury info Logo Home
Ramsbottom info website

Here's an opportunity for a local Ramsbottom business who may be already using local Facebook Groups to promote their business. (don't get me wrong I love them) ... but by adding a 2 word advert (see image), plus a link to a 'Mobile' friendly website, optimised for keywords and well written to attract potential customers, the 'link' gives a greater importance to the endless repeat postings. In effect, this is the branding of the Ramsbottom Website and more importantly their webpage as a local point of reference for local services across a wide variety of categories. Visit the Ramsbottom website launched in 2021 https://ramsbottom.info

Punch Property repairing wall in Summerseat
Trust in local Ramsbottom businesses - It pays to shop local