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After the conquest, when land was apportioned, Radcliffe was given to Nicholas FitzGilbert de Talbois who adopted the name of his new manor as his surname, thus becoming Nicholas de Radcliffe. For centuries the Radcliffe family dwelt in the manor house and many tales and legends are told of its history.

Geographical Setting
Situated in the county of Greater Manchester, but formerly in the heart of industrial Lancashire, Radcliffe is unique in its geograpical setting. It comes as somewhat of a surprise to discover that Radcliffe town centre, is almost an island: With the River Irwell on one side and the Manchester, Bury, Bolton Canal on the other.

The town is about 2 miles south-west of Bury, 5 miles south-east of Bolton, and 8 miles north west of Manchester. It was administered as an urban district in 1894 and created as a Municipal Borough in 1935. Included within the area are Chapel Field and Outwood in the south, Ainsworth and Starling in the far north, Bradley Fold in the west, and Black Lane in the near north.

Maps, Directions and Weather Information. Scaleable maps, from the entire UK, down to any street in Radcliffe, and local weather information, can be found by visiting this link.

We're going to be putting Radcliffe businesses Online in a very different way, adding each of the businesses featured, with their very own webpage; full of info about what products and services they offer and how to get in touch. Plus, the website will be mobile friendly, which is handy as most people these days are searching for local businesses using their smartphones. Read further to see what other features are available in the examples below. 

To find out more about Public Transport in, to, and from Radcliffe. please look on the GMPTE (Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority) web site: www.gmpte.com or telephone: (0161) 228 -7811 (8am - 8pm, daily).

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Ambitious plans to create a new Ruckreim gallery and IST interpretation centre as part of the proposed Radcliffe Marketmuseum development will further strengthen Radcliffe as a visitor destination.

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The Irwell Sculpture Trail (IST) - the UK's largest linear sculpture park - runs through Radcliffe and draws many visitors, particularly to see the only UK work by Ulrich Ruckreim.

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Over the last few years, Radcliffe's town centre has seen major changes with significant levels of new investment, both public and private. Several existing businesses have expanded, and new retail openings and major new housing developments underline a new confidence in the future of the town. Many recent and continuing projects are attracting new trade and visitors and are proving that Radcliffe is a popular and convenient location.

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Over the next few weeks, we'll be contacting business owners in Radcliffe, as this is an ideal opportunity to put their business onto a top level domain for the town. If anyone is searching online for local businesses, the town is one of the main keywords, and easily identifiable to local people.

Radcliffe is located in a semi-rural setting framed by the West Pennine Moors - its lodges, river, canal, rich historical legacy, good local facilities and proximity to the motorway network are amongst the reasons why increasing numbers of new residents and businesses are coming to Radcliffe.

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​When was the last time you went online to look for something that you wanted to buy? For example, if you were searching for Carpet Fitters or a Plumber, wouldn't you want to use someone who is local? We think it makes more sense and that it supports the local community. When you visit a local shop  that is possibly family owned, you're helping independent businesses where more money is kept in the community. Local businesses often purchase from other local businesses using their products for their own company. Buying locally helps grow other businesses and no one wants to see empty shops.

Radcliffe Irwell Valley Scupltures

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As one of Bury's six towns, Radcliffe is the perfect place for a day visit or a short break. Within easy reach of Manchester and Lancashire's Hill Country, it is the ideal base for visiting England's North West. The area combines dramatic countryside with industrial heritage and a wealth of attractions, some of which are described below.

If you want to know more, Bury's Tourist Information Staff will be happy to help they can be contacted by calling 0161 253 5111.

Outdoor Activities
There are a variety of parks, outdoor activities, and recreational locations in the Radcliffe area. The most popular of these being the Irwell Sculpture Trail, Outwood Park, Skatepark, and walking / cycling trails.

Sports & Leisure

The Radcliffe area caters for most interests, and from football to sailing. We'll be adding updates to these activities very soon.

There are many restaurants in the Radcliffe and greater Bury areas, and a variety of accommodation.We'll be adding more on how to find out more about all of these local businesses too.

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The manor of Radcliffe is mentioned in the Domesday survey of 1086. It was a Royal Manor held by King Edward the Confessor and the remains of Radcliffe Tower, now scheduled as an ancient monument, can be seen in the south-east corner of the borough along with the ancient parish church which dates back to Saxon times. There is also an ancient tithe barn. (Bury Metro publishes a pamphlet on the Tower - available from Bury Metro Libraries)

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