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Local Electricians for CCTV in Bury, Rossendale and Prestwich areas.

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All quotations in writing prior to commencing any electrical work.

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CCTV in  Bury

Images are taken from recent CCTV installations in the Ramsbottom, Bury area.

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​Professionally installed HD Remote CCTV systems by JT Electrical Ltd for homes and businesses in the Bury area.

Latest HD CCTV Systems and Technology

Technology is moving at such a fast pace that CCTV systems using the old Jpeg images from a few years ago, now look outdated and simply don't compare to the High Definition (HD) quality colour images that can be produced today. Even the cost of systems are changing constantly and we always try to give our customers the best possible value for your money. 

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HD CCTV in Bury by JT Electrical Ltd

View who is entering your home or business premises when you're not there. Full HD quality colour images with Black and White Infra-Red during the night. 

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JT Electrical (Rossendale) Ltd are a professional registered company and we aim to deliver a customer focused quality service.

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As long as you have a good quality connection, with access to your CCTV system for your home of business, you will also be able to see what is going on via your laptop or mobile smartphone. As we said earlier, technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that there are always going to be newer products coming to our suppliers and we'll keep you updated when quoting for new installations.

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