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Truly a Family business with Sharon, Darren and their son Nathanael.

Forget-Me-Not Chapel, Schofield Street, Rossendale, ​Lancashire BB4 9AH 

TEL: 01706 830833

We are here to answer your questions about funeral arrangements and services. There’s never a good time to talk about these sort of things, so if you want us to come to you, in your own familiar surroundings, we’re happy to do this. We have a small an intimate Chapel of Rest, based in the village of Waterfoot in Rossendale. You are more than welcome to come and meet with us here. Please feel free to call and ask questions, either about the themed funerals, or funeral costs or if you just want to talk. We are here for you.​

How much does a Funeral Service cost? To be honest, no one should have to be talking about cost when you've just lost a loved one. One thing we will say about funeral costs, is that with us, we can be 20-30% more cost effective for our clients. To us, it's about giving value for money, putting people before profit and we are happy to speak to you and give full a full breakdown of all costs and expenses. To get in touch, see the email contact form below for all enquiries. If you wish to speak to us, we are happy to listen and will give you all the necessary information about the next stage. Although some companies don't allow this, it is possible to purchase the casket separately, where we provide all other arrangements. 

With Agape, you are in the safe hands of Sharon and Darren Aspinall. With more than 22 years of service between them, they are on hand to guide and listen to your needs and requests. Sharon's background had been for many years in the care industry, listening to others and learning more about what they wanted.  

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Making the worst day the best day

Some prefer a more traditional mode of transport, however, you can now even request a motor-bike and sidecar or the Trotters Reliant Robin. Get in touch to learn more via the form below.

Forget-Me-Not Chapel,




01706 830833

Telephone: 01706 830833

We are here for you

Over the years, there have been many requests for different funeral arrangements. We try to cater for all requests, no matter how unusual or different they may seem to us. We've done themed funerals for football supporters, from St. Helens to Wigan, and other clubs across the North West. Each one is bespoke and again done to the individuals requests. We're also now a proud sponsor for 'Bury Football Club'.

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Sharon and her husband Darren have been working and looking after bereaved families where they say in their own words: "Overall we're passionate about looking after families and one of our Motos' is striving to make the worst of days, the best day possible". If they can come away with a smile, focusing on the positives of their loved ones, we feel we have helped and done our best. It's not just a job that someone does, there has to be a human element to each service.

Themed Funeral Requests

Offering a very personal service, where all our funeral arrangements are bespoke, tailored to the individual, rather than being based on any particular set package.

'Agape Funeral Service' are an independent family run funeral company covering Bury, Radcliffe and the Greater Manchester area. 

If you would like us to visit you in the comfort of your own home, we are more than happy to do this and there is no charge for this service.

Various transport available for themed funerals

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Nathanael Aspinall at Agape Funeral Service
Darren Aspinall at Agape Funeral Service
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