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All the the businesses listed on the Bury info website are from the Bury North Manchester region. This covers Ramsbottom and Tottington in the North, to Prestwich, Whitelfield and Radcliffe to the South of the Borough.

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Keep checking back as we'll be doing a lot of changes to the website in the coming weeks. Get in touch if you want to discuss further details about the website and getting Online this year.

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It's a simple website, highly optimised and the easiest web address to remember for the town of Bury. We've already launched one for Rossendale and will be adding more and more across the North West in time. Get in touch now, and learn about having your own Webpage on this website.

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We've added local Trades people, find painters and property repair companies in Bury

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Each week we'll be adding more and more new businesses. Most of whom have never had a website or have been online, except for maybe a Facebook page. Each business will have their own FULL Webpage, with over 500+ Words about what they do in terms of their products and services. Each page will be professionally written as simple to understand. We don't sell, we tell!

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The Bury info website was launched in July 2016, so we're slowly adding new businesses. It's for small local companies, so if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, simply get in touch and we'll find one for you. Most of the companies we are adding have never had a website before, we're making it easier for them to get their business online. Click on image at the bottom of the page to visit some of the local companies we've recently added. 

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The Bury website was launched recently in July. We've added a category page to assist once you are on the website, although most can be easily found when you do a Google search online. That's unless your pub is called the Red Lion, there's over 500 in the UK alone.

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Typical advertising costs these days, range from spending £50-£60 a week on local newspaper advertising, to spending £1000's on your own personal website. For this reason, the Bury info website is the same price for every type of business that will be listed. Whether you're a Plumber or an Electrician, a Dentist or a Baker. it'll be one price to have a full Webpage. Each page will rank on Google search based on its own Keywords. If you're in a highly competitive market, then it can be expensive trying to get to the number 1 page on Google. 

Each of the businesses on the Bury info website has its own full webpage. At the moment, we are adding tradespeople. Tap on the image to visit the Categories page to view all the businesses on the site.