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Please do not use this form OR any other contact forms on this website if you are selling something such as, Web design, Advertising or anything else for that matter. We take un-invited calls seriously, so please do not waste your time. Thank you.

SEND YOUR BUSINESS DETAILS USING the FORM to learn more about getting your business Online with the Bury info website. Use the form on this page also for contacting us and please include your business or company name and a convenient time you would like a call, otherwise we will reply by email. In our reply, we will include what we are currently doing for small business owners in the Bury area. At present, we also own the local domains for Prestwich, Radcliffe, Rossendale and Ramsbottom.


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When NOT to use the contact form

Please feel free to use the form and keep your message SHORT and SIMPLE.

If you are visiting this page regarding our Webpage OFFER. Simply complete the form above and send your business contact details. Once we receive these, we will reply with details of the Business Webpage Offer and about getting your business Online. 

Contacting Bury info website

Each of the business Webpages on the Bury info website has their own contact form. These are handy when you want to request a quote, or it's not a convenient time and late at night. A lot of the tradespeople on the site are usually driving or working (In the UK, it is illegal as well as irresponsible to talk on the phone whilst driving). If it's urgent, our suggestion is that you call them early, mid-day or after 4:00pm. You are more likely to get an answer. 

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Please note: We reserve the right to refuse requests based on incomplete information or from companies that do not meet a required standard. Full details are available upon request.