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With many years in the business, Steven has a lot of experience in getting your alloy wheels back to how they were when they were new.

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In the next images, we've added some further examples of recently completed jobs to give you a better insight into the level of quality finish when having the alloy wheel refurbishment service from Class Alloys.

Repaired alloy wheels Mercedes
Class Alloys Bury Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Steven Greensmith - Owner

Class Alloys will come to you. If you are based in the Bury, Manchester area, simply book an appointment using the form below, and arrange a visit to your home of even work premises. No need to take your car to the garage.

Steven Greensmith is the owner and operator of CLASS ALLOYS from BURY, Manchester. Offering a high quality mobile service in clients' homes or premises to repair damage to alloy wheels. Read further for info about the services he offers and to get in touch.

When you simply don't have time to spend all day and take your car to the garage, here's a high quality service from a professional local business. Whether you own a Mercedes, a BMW or AUDI, Steven has worked on alloy wheels for some of the top of the range vehicles. He's also able to give free advice about what colour may be best suited if you fancy a complete change from the original paintwork.

Class Alloys Mobile Wheel Refurbishment Bury Manchester

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Alloy Wheels repainted on Audi car

On this alloy wheel for a BMW sports saloon, the final coat has been applied and the wheel reassembled onto the vehicle. The benefit of having this done, is that it not only looks good, it adds value to the car.

This Audi car owner arranged for Class Alloys to visit their work premises. The job took around 4 hours to complete and we think they look amazing. 

We can even come to your workplace to do your Wheels

The images show the before and after the alloy wheels were refurbished

Mobile Alloy Wheel Service in Bury
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Most modern day sports cars and hatchbacks usually have alloy wheels. They're made from special metal alloys to save weight. One of those metals is aluminium and the other magnesium. Whilst there is a big advantage using these light-weight metals, they are also highly corrosive and need to be looked after to save on having to spend money on a costly replacement.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Your ALLOY wheels will be looking like NEW!

Mercedes Red Brake Caliper

Alloy Wheel repair Service in Bury

Damaged alloy wheel Mercedes

From start to finish, it can take up to 5 hours to get a complete set of alloy wheels refurbished. The idea to visit people in their own homes (including weekends) came about from customers not wanting to take time off work or spend all day without their car.

Class Alloys can save you time and money

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Removing Alloy Wheels for Repair

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CLASS ALLOYS in BURY can save you time and money when you choose them to have your Alloys Wheels Refurbished.

Damaged alloy Wheel BMW
Refurbished Alloy Wheel painted

If your alloys wheels on your car are looking a little worse for wear due to damage caused by stones or by hitting the kerb too many times, it may be time to get them refurbished.

Each wheel once removed is subjected to special treatment that removes all the old paint and lacquer to give an even surface upon which to apply the new paint and top coat.

Black Alloy wheel Audi Car
Alloy Wheel spayed and lacquered

The image below shows the same wheel after the alloy wheel has been treated and re-painted.

Mercedes Alloy Wheels refurbished in a different colour

Once you've arranged a Date and Time to have your car booked to have its alloy wheels resprayed, simply let us know where and we'll come to you. You don't even need to give us the keys.

Different Colours and Designs available - Ask for info

Alloy wheels, without the correct coating of lacquer and paint, can be corroded by the effects of salt and other chemicals the metal alloy comes into contact with. The image shows where the original layers have been damaged, usually from hitting the kerb and from stone chippings.

Mobile Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Bury